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The Crabbet Influence in Europe

We are grateful to Betty Finke, author and collaborator on many books on the history of the Crabbet Arabian and a very well known professional photographer of Arabian Horses. This presentation has been broken down into five parts, each one available as a pdf download.

The Crabbet influence in some European countries is well documented. Everybody knows that the Russian Arabians have a high percentage of Crabbet blood. There have been many publications on this subject, as well as on the Crabbet lines in Spain and even Poland.

However, there is Crabbet influence in other countries as well, both more recent and less obvious. During the second half of the 20th century in particular, many Crabbet or high-percentage Crabbet horses were sold abroad from England to practically all-European countries, with some never heard of again. But many did leave their mark, even if it may not be apparent at first glance, most often in performance breeding, and also in Anglo- and part-bred breeding. And, if you look closely enough, in quite a few high profile show bloodlines!

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