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The Crabbet Arabian Stud

The Crabbet Arabian Stud was founded in 1878 by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt with the arrival of the first six horses to be imported from the desert following the first major journey, originally conceived to find the blood of the Darley Arabian, an exceptional Arabian stallion that was to become a major contributor to the English thoroughbred some 150 years earlier. The plan quickly evolved into the founding a stud of Arabian horses in England to try and preserve the already rare purebred Arabian. Lady Anne's famous words are a matter of historic record...

"it should be an interesting and useful thing to do and I should much like to try it"

Please follow a link below to find out more about the Crabbet Arabian Stud, it's founders and it's fascinating history.

The Famous Crabbet Park Sales

There were fifteen sales held between 1882-1903

We have full details of the horses in these sales

Crabbet Horse Gallery

The famous horses or the Crabbet stud

Notable Studs in the era of Crabbet

Many famous studs were founded on Crabbet stock

Crabbet Foundation mares

The key influencers of Crabbet Arabians today

Video Archive

Historic footage of  fabulous Arabians!

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