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About Crabbet Heritage


Crabbet Heritage is a website dedicated to helping preserve the increasingly rare bloodlines of the Crabbet Arabian horse by providing information about the history of these world famous horses and showing what they are achieving in the world today.

The Crabbet Arabian is the epitome of the loyal servant of the Bedouin tribesmen, possessing the strength, courage and ability to ride into battle combined with the wonderful temperament needed to live in their tents as well as a rare beauty prized beyond jewels. You will see Crabbet bloodlines involved in all levels of competition, from winning open ridden classes at HOYS to endurance, dressage, cross country, jumping and showing. You can do anything with a Crabbet Arabian, whatever your age. 

We have used this classic picture of Lady Anne Blunt on Kasida for our logo, paying tribute to an amazing lady. Click on the image for more information about Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt.

Lady Anne Blunt on Kasida


We are very lucky to have an increasing number of experts and others who contribute to Crabbet Heritage for the good of the Crabbet Horse from all over the world. If you have any historical materials including photographs, videos or articles that we can publish on this site, we would be pleased to hear from you.

We are always interested in the latest news and events and stories of what people are doing with their Crabbets now, both in competition or simply for fun, please do get in touch.


Lady Wentworth and Skowronek

Lady Wentworth talking to Skowronek at Crabbet

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