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The Crabbet Influence in Europe

Part four - Sweden and Denmark

by Betty Finke


Sweden has a very strong tradition of Polish breeding, but also quite a few Crabbet imports:

Kariba, the first of the imports, still has a line today through his son Ghazal, out of Yateemah (Blue Domino x Salinas) and Ghazal’s son Gimmick, out of Galadriel (Red Baron x Indra). There is a small, but loyal group of pan-Scandinavian Crabbet enthusiasts. There are also some 100% Crabbet horses in Denmark and Sweden, courtesy of Moulton Millenium (Winged Saint x Latihfah), who was imported to Denmark by Gunilla Schliemann. His pure Crabbet offspring, including some in Sweden, compete in endurance.

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