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Where to see Crabbet Arabians today

Some people believe that Crabbet Arabians are so rare that they can no longer be seen. Whilst pure (100%) Crabbet Arabians are indeed rare, they can still be seen throughout the world competing in all disciplines and being used as leisure horses. Of course, there are also countless high percentage horses and part-breds that carry important Crabbet Bloodlines. Some would argue that Crabbet Bloodlines exist in over 90% of all Arabians today.

In the UK events are held throughout the country in Endurance, Dressage, Ridden and In-hand Showing as well as the other usual disciplines. Our Events and Competitions pages show where these are held each year. In Australia where there are now more Crabbet Arabians than anywhere else in the world, you will see these beautiful horses competing in all types of events including Cowboy Dressage and driving.

Crabbet Heritage breeders are also very happy to show their beautiful Crabbet Arabians to visitors by prior appointment and often hold their own 'open days' where the horses are put on display. You can see in formation for many such places in our Breeders pages on this site which contain web and facebook links and contact details for many breeders around the world.

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