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Definitions relating to Crabbet 

There is much terminology used around Crabbet Arabians which can be a little daunting. Not only are there terms related to Crabbet Arabians themselves but also of other studs around at the time. 

We have reproduced the definitions of the UK Crabbet Organisation terminology regarding the Crabbet breed.  

 Crabbet Definitions

The Crabbet Organisation has defined horses from the Crabbet Stud legacy.

Crabbet Stud Bloodlines

A Crabbet Stud bloodline is one from a Pure Bred Arabian that was owned or bred by the Crabbet Stud, including those registered as bred by the owners Lady Anne or Wilfrid Blunt, Lady Wentworth or Cecil Covey.

Crabbet Arabians         

Pure Bred Arabians with 75% or over Crabbet Stud bloodlines

Old English Arabians 

A pedigree group of Pure Bred Arabians with 100% Pre-World War II UK bloodlines,  (usually over 85% Crabbet Stud Bloodlines)


GSB Bloodlines

A pedigree group of Pure Bred Arabians with 100% bloodlines imported to the UK by 1920 (registered in the General Stud Book), usually over 95% Crabbet Stud bloodlines.

Straight Crabbet Arabians

A pedigree group of Pure Bred Arabians with 100% Crabbet bloodlines.

Crabbet Anglo Arabs and Crabbet Part Bred Arabs are registered Anglo Arabs or Part Bred Arabs whose Arabian Blooddlines are 75% or more Crabbet Stud bloodlines.

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