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What is a Crabbet Arabian?

Many have heard about the Crabbet Arabian but what are they?

This is an important question since it lies at the very heart of why there are breeders and enthusiasts all around the world enjoying these beautiful horses.

A 'Crabbet' is a special type of Arabian horse that is descended from those bred at the world famous Crabbet Arabian Stud set up by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt towards the end of the Nineteenth century. The Blunts story is a very interesting one and you can find more information on them on this site simply by following links throughout this site (text highlighted in Bold).

In short, the Blunts travelled around the Middle East in the late 1870's and early 1880's, searching for the very best purebred Arabian horses to bring back to England in order to improve the breeding stock of thoroughbred horses here. They spent years meeting and living with Bedouin tribesmen who bred and lived with these beautiful animals who were their loyal servants often going into battle with them.

Lady Anne Blunt

1837 - 1917

The first six horses were purchased in 1878 and brought back to the newly formed Crabbet Stud in Surrey and it is from this and subsequent imports that the breeding program that was to change the UK bloodstock forever, was started.


Crabbet Arabians have sired hundreds of champions and a number of world champions, not just amongst the Arabian strains but within Ponies, thoroughbreds and many others. They were sold throughout the world and highly valued for their fine qualities and their bloodlines that have been kept pure for centuries.

Todays Crabbet Arabians can still trace their bloodlines back to these original horses and all are bred for the same characteristics of fantastic temperament, genuine all round horses that will be your friend forever and along the way will do whatever you what to do whether it's show jumping, cross country, showing, racing, dressage and of course endurance.

We encourage you to consider a Crabbet Arabian for your next horse!

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