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The famous stud of the late Bazy Tankersley

Al-Marah is proud to be the oldest, continuously bred, privately owned band of Arabian horses in the world. Our band of horses are direct decedents of the first and greatest gathering of Bedouin horses from the Arabian Desert by Abbas Pasha while he was Governor of Arabia. To insure that we are still breeding the warhorses of the desert, Al-Marah has established the following criteria for our Arabian Horses.

Doyle Arabians

In 1949, Dr. Joseph Lyman Doyle of Sigourney, Iowa began our breeding program with three foundation horses: the mare Gulida, and two stallions Nusi and Ghadaf. These foundation horses traced exclusively to asil horses purchased by Lady Anne and Wilfred Blunt in Egypt and desert Arabia in the 1800s for their famed Crabbet Stud. Dr. Doyle’s goal was to preserve the blood of these horses, which is based on the legendary stud of the Egyptian viceroy Abbas Pasha. We continue this effort on our farm in Alfalfa today.

An amazing location for trail rides and an extensive herd of CMK and Spanish Arabains

Our Arabian mares are mostly CMK and straight Spanish. They can all be ridden and when not being bred are put to work on our ranch. Our emphasis is on good gaits, kind temperaments, and a willingness to do whatever is asked of them; they may be required to herd cows one day and jump the cross-country course the next. The foals and young stock are outside all the time, running in large pastures, which puts a good foundation on them. We own a total of around 90 Arabian horses, and raise about 6 foals a year.

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