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Contact Rowena Bertram on +44 (0)1386 860574

Avonbrook stud is a small family run concern near Pershore in Worcestershire where the focus is very much on breeding quality horses with relaxed trainable temperaments and the potential to do every job from showing to eventing.

The senior stallion, Marcus Aurelius, is predominantly Crabbet Arabian with Davenport lines through his grandsire Ben Rabba. Through Ben Rabba he is also in direct male descent from Nasik - an important Crabbet line that was lost in the UK until the lease of Ben Rabba by Beatrice Paine for the 1979 and 1980 breeding seasons.

Contact Caroline Sussex on +44 (0)1264 738343

Binley Arabian Stud was founded in 1993 and is situated near Andover in Hampshire in Binley, just above the Bourne Valley. The aim of the Stud is to produce beautiful Arabians with athletic ability to perform at all levels. Binley now has 20 Arabians, all 100% Crabbet breeding.

It is considered important at the stud to ride the horses as well as putting them in the brood mare band. We are confident that the Crabbet Arabian is still an excellent foundation horse for any breeder. The Stud generally has youngstock for sale but wish the horses to be placed with people not only as a riding horse but also recognises their exceptional and rare bloodlines and will help in preserving these for the future.

Contact Vicky Dorsey on +44 (0)1692 631000

“We want our horses to look and act like Arabian horses; to be suitable for showing, endurance riding or simply hacking and to have curious, affectionate and laid back temperaments.” The stud has two stallions and a unified herd of mares descended primarily from the de Popps herd of imported and UK-bought stock. Most of this “Ayerza cross” family are daughters of Kildimo (Greggan x Ghadaffa), leased from the Doyles in the USA, and range from 70% to 83% Crabbet.

Contact Sara Debnam on +44(0) 1579 320429

Contact Anne Brown on +44 (0)1832 358269

Anne Brown welcomes you to Gadebrook Arabian Stud, home over the years of top Arabian stallions: World Endurance Champion Hachim, racing superstar Sambist and Performance Horse Awards overall champion, Binley Prince Salim. We also represent the US winner of the first WAHO trophy and multi-talented Remington Steele*++ by frozen semen. We raise pure-bred (mainly Crabbet) performance Arabian horses for racing and endurance based on pure Crabbet mares from Australia.

We are a small family ran Arabian Horse stud farm based in the North of England.


Here we uniquely line breed directly from the arabian horse family of  'Nuhra' 

was a desert bred mare from the arabian strain of 'Wadhna' she was a gift to our Royal family from the rulers of Bahrain in the 1930s


The Guisburn foundation mares were purchased from the stud of Lady May Abel-Smith in the early 1990s to ensure that the line continued after she had passed away and the stud was dispersed

Contact Natalie Tindall on +44 (0) 1503 220077

Moonlight Arabians specialises in breeding Crabbet horses for beauty and performance and is based at Woodlay Farm in Cornwall, just 30 minutes from Plymouth. Here we are fortunate to have 38 acres of fabulous grazing in open countryside. It is run by Natalie Tindall who bred her first Crabbet mare, the lovely Zara, 25 years ago and who remains a treasured founder member of the stud today. 


At Moonlight Arabians our ethos is very simple. We aim to help preserve the Crabbet heritage by developing a breeding programme based on the best foundation stock we can find, with diverse and rare bloodlines that nick well and have all the qualities of the traditional Crabbet Arabian - soundness, beauty, superb temperament, exceptional movement and the ability to compete in any discipline. Oh and to be your best friend!

Contact Rachel Claridge on +44 (0) 1454 238942

Phoenix Field Arabian Stud has bred and trained horses for World & European FEI Endurance Championships, Endurance GB, AHS Marathon, Man V’s Horse, Royal Shows & BEF Futurity Grading

Rachael Claridge & Adam Farley 18 Bertha's Field Didmarton Badminton Glos GL9 1EB Phone: 01454238942 Mobile: 07789641014 Email:

The stud is named after Romac 1951 - 1984  (Irex x Yavroum). A beautiful bay straight Arabian stallion...... 100% Crabbet and 100% Old English, bred by Miss M.C.E. Lyon.


Based in Camarthen South Wales, Daphne Cocksedge founded the stud with the Dartmoor pony, Sherberton Gay Star. She was sent to the arab stallion Azan in 1960.

Contact Jan Atkinson on +44 (0)1539 821019

While the preservation of certain bloodlines is very high on our list of aims, the overriding concern is that we produce young horses that are physically and mentally suitable for top level competition, with endurance as our main focus. We don't believe that good endurance horses are simply "the ones that are not successful in other disciplines" or "are arabs therefore good at endurance". We know what we are looking for in our breeding, both in the potential sires and dams and in the offspring.

Contact Alexia Ross on +44 (0))1743 850730

We breed traditional Arabian riding horses descended from the authentic collection brought to England by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt in the 1870s. These Crabbet Stud bloodlines continue to produce some of the most talented Arabian sporthorses today.

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