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The Winter edition of the Crabbet Heritage Magazine features an in depth tribute to the late Rosemary Archer, author,  world leading expert on the Arabian horse, breeder of Crabbet Arabians and mother to Liz Archer  and Caroline Sussex. 


We also remember the late Beatrice Payne and her importation of Ben Rabba from the USA and his influence on competition horses of today including the hugely versatile Marcus Aurelius and his offspring. We hear from several breeders and owners with horses descended from these important lines.


There is a report from our recent visit to the site of the Maynesboro Stud of WR Brown which was located in Berlin, New Hampshire in the USA. Brown founded his Arabian Stud on  a number of horses he imported from the Crabbet Stud which he purchased from Wilfrid Blunt, including Abu Zeyd, Berk and Crabbet.


There are also  reports from breeders around the world including the 50th Anniversary of the Gadebrook stud of Anne Brown and a Crabbet Stallion competing in dressage at Prix Saint George level.


Crabbet Heritage Magazine - Winter 2019

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