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Lady Anne Blunt  limited edition commemorative plaque

The first in a series depicting Crabbet icons.

A beautiful plaque from talented artist Sara Lee Debnam to commemorate the remarkable Lady Anne Blunt who died on 15th December 1917 at her beloved Sheykh Obeyd, a 100 years ago and to celebrate 140 years of the founding of the Crabbet Arabian Stud on 2nd July 1878.


It is now available exclusively from and is limited to just 140 world-wide.

Each plaque is individually numbered. The last few are now available at just £55 inc. UK delivery.

The plaque measures 200mm x 145mm

Cast in resin and individually hand finished this plaque is finely detailed

The well known photograph from which our piece has been modelled

has an interesting story...

"Nothing would induce this horse to stand still in order to be photographed; so as a last resort, Lady Anne Blunt put on her Arab costume. This acted like magic, for under its spell the animal at once became quiet", photographer T. Hall

To order one of the last remaining Plaques, please visit our shop

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