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The Crabbet Stud of Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt


 "it would be an interesting and useful thing to do and I should like much to try it."


Lady Anne Blunt on the Blunts plan to import the best Arabians from the desert to breed in the UK


Part 1

22 September 1837

16 June 1869

Married Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and became known as Lady Anne Blunt


Lady Anne Blunt and Wilfrid travel to the Middle East to buy Arabian horses.

Purchased 3 key horses - Bay filly Dajania , Dark Bay mare Queen of Sheba and the Grey Stallion Azrek.

Birth of Judeth Anne Dorothea Blunt, Anne and Wilfred's only child

6 February 1873

Lady Anne and Wilfrid start the Crabbet Stud in Sussex with the arrival of their first six imported horses

2 July 1878


Lady Anne and Wilfrid buy property in Egypt - The Sheykh Obeyd Stud.

The first of 15 Sales were held at the Crabbet Stud


Purchased the chestnut stallion Mesaoud from Ali Pasha Sherif (and imported to the UK in 1891)

Lady Anne and Wilfrid separate, Crabbet stud was divided. Lady Anne kept Crabbet park and Wilfrid took Caxtons Farm (Newbuildings). Many horses were subsequently lost to pay off Wilfreds debts


Lady Anne dies in Egypt passing on her titles to daughter Judith, who became Lady Wentworth

15 December 1917


Lady Anne moves to Egypt permanently, leaving the running of the stud to her daughter Judeth


20 horses were sold to the Maynesboro Stud in the USA for £2727 to raise funds


Stallions Kasmeyn, Sotamm, and Hamran plus mares Bint Riyala and Bint Rissala were sold to Egypt to raise funds. Lady Wentworth also sold a number of horses to Spain's Duke of Veragua, including five Skowronek daughters

Following Wilfrid's death Lady Wentworth was  able to buy Caxtons Farm and re-unite the stud


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