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The Hanstead Stud (1925-1957)

of Lady and Miss Gladys Yule

It is said that the Hanstead stud, located at Bricket Wood in St Albans in Hertfordshire, was second only in importance to the Crabbet Stud. The stud was in existence for around 32 years and far fewer foals were bred than at Crabbet, and yet the influence of the Hanstead horses has been enormous. One only has to look at the studs stallion directory of around 1952 to quickly understand why this was so. The six stallions listed are, Grey Owl, Rissalix, General Grant, Count Doraz, Colorados and Blue Domino, clearly excellent quality horses. And when you consider that Raktha, Oran and Naseel were all bred at Hanstead as well as many influential mares in addition to others purchased from Crabbet, the quality and influence of the Hanstead horses is evident. Indeed, several were sold to Crabbet.

Whilst their relationship wasn't always the best, Lady Yule and Lady Wentworth eventually became friendly rivals, often competing against each other and sharing the honours at the major shows whilst selling horses to each other and using stallions.


It's interesting to note Lady Wentworth's own words from her book 'The Authentic Arabian', page 200,

"Lady Yule's stud at St.Albans is comparatively a recent one, and were she to enlarge and develop it no one could hope to compete with her, as she posses instinct for a good type and has the money to do what others could not attempt, and her daughter (Miss Gladys Yule) is more at home in the saddle than on foot."

Miss Gladys Myrtle Yule















Hanstead House was built for Lady Anne Henrietta Yule, her husband Sir David Yule and their only daughter, Gladys Meryl Yule, born in 1903. They bred cattle and Suffolk punch horses and expanded their interests to include the breeding of Arabian horses. Lady Yule was interested in breeding part bred Arabs. They visited Crabbet Park and purchased the young Arabian mare Razina in foal to the Throurghbred stallion Mighty Power.

Sir David died, leaving his Widow and Daughter wealthy women

Two mares, Astrella and Naxina, were purchased from Crabbet by Mr and Mrs Kent (secretly on behalf of Lady Yule)

Lady Yule sent all five of her mares to Crabbet for breeding

Hanstead foaled their first sire prospects, Raktha and Grey Owl.

Two more sire prospects were foaled, Naseel and Riffal

Lady Yule acquired her last foundation mare, Niseyra out of Rissam

Lady Yule acquired Rissalix from Crabbet

Lady Yule gave the horses to her daughter Miss Gladys Yule

Gladys Yule became president of the Arab Horse Society

Lady Yule died

Gladys Yule died (just three weeks after Lady Wentworth). Many horses had to be sold and a large group were sold to Bazy Tankersley's Al-Marah Arabian stud in the USA.

The remaining horses were sold together with all saddlery at auction. Leaving a few with Miss Wolf, the former Stud Manager. Hanstead House was also put on the market and was sold a couple of years later.

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