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There are many informative books about Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt, Lady Wentworth, The Crabbet Arabian and other Arabian studs of the time and many personalities with views on the Arabian horse. Some of these books, even quite recently published, are in very short supply , but can be found on Ebay, Abebooks, Amazon and other places, with a little patience.


Luckily a reasonable number of rare and very informative books from the catalogue below have been digitised and can be downloaded freely for personal use.  Just follow the links where shown. Current day reprints are also available.

Lady Anne Blunt - Journals and Correspondence 1878 - 1917

Published by Alexander heriot & Co.Ltd, Edited by Rosemary Archer and James Fleming

'Unremarkable to the world and unremembered by it while she was alive, this diminutive and bestpectacled figure has left behind a record her most gifted contemporaries would envy'

The Authentic Arabian Horse and His Descendants

Lady Wentworth 1st Edition, 1938

"There is no greater authority on this subject in the world than Lady Wentworth, authoress of that classic, Thoroughbred Racing Stock, daughter of that remarkable woman, Lady Ann Blunt, who was granddaughter of Byron, wife of Wilfrid Blunt, and founder of the famous Crabbet Stud. This book is a mine of information gathered from the most varied sources, and it is embellished with 265 plates in half-tone, 26 plates in colour, and a number of interesting diagrams. It would make an ideal present for any lover of horses."

Companion Volume to Lady Wentworth's excellent, Thoroughbred Racing Stock.

Thoroughbred Racing Stock and Its Ancestors

Lady Wentworth

An excellent reference book on the thoroughbred horses and its Arabian Ancestry.

Companion Volume to Lady Wentworth's superb, Authentic Arabian Horse.

The Crabbet Stud - Lady Wentworth 1956

69pp, b&w and color illustrations, all drawings by the author

Limited availability

Published by London Allen, HB

A Pilgrimage to Nejd Volume 1

Lady Anne Blunt - ISBN-10: 1332857035 ISBN-13: 978-1332857036

'Of the Desert, Nejd had long assumed the romantic colouring of a holy land and when it was decided that we were to visit Jebel Shammar, the metropolis of Bedouin life, our expedition presented itself as an almost pious undertaking; so that it is hardly an exaggeration even now that it is over, and we are once more in Europe, to speak of it as a pilgrimage. Our pilgrimage then it is, though the religion in whose name we travelled was only one of romance. Its circumstances, in spite of certain disappointments which the narrative will reveal, were little less romantic than the idea.'

A Pilgrimage to Nejd, Vol. 2 of 2

Lady Anne Blunt - ISBN-10: 133095274X ISBN-13: 978-1330952740

'The horses here seem to be of small account. Fifteen or twenty mares, wearing the usual iron shackles, are grazing about a mile ofl', some with foals by their sides, all standing in water above their fetlocks. We walked round to examine them, and saw one good-looking white mare that may be thoroughbred, and also a bay somewhat better than the rest, but they are inferior animals. A foal was born last night, and was being removed with its mother, a wretched little creature, to the dry ground at the camp. There were no camels to be seen. They and the sheep are at pasture at a considerable distance.'

Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates, Lady Anne Blunt

Lady Anne Blunt - ISBN-13: 9781331796060

Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates is one of two books that Lady Anne wrote based on her travel diaries during these journeys (the other is A Pilgrimage to Nejd). Edited by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, the book concludes with a few chapters that he wrote on “the Arabs and their horses.” In 1882 the couple opened a second stud outside Cairo, which they called Shaykh ‘Ubayd. The couple separated in 1906, and in 1913 Lady Anne left England and moved permanently to Shaykh ‘Ubayd. She died in Cairo in 1917. She is credited with helping preserve the purebred Arabian horse and was known by her friends as the “noble lady of the horses.”

 Click on the image to view or download an online copy of this book from the World Digital Library


Lady Wentworth published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd

Arab Horse Nonsense - Lady Wentworth

A book of sketches by Lady Wentworth illustrating many common misconceptions and misinformation about Arabian Horses. A light hearted fun book whose messages are still valid today. 

Readily available

Published by George Ronald (1950)

The World's Best Horse - Lady Wentworth, 1958.

An authoritative guide to the important breeds of horses, along with discussion of the various breeds by Lady Wentworth

Readily available

Published by London, Allen and Unwin [1958] 

Lady Anne Blunt A Biography

HVF Winstone ISBN-10: 0954970179 ISBN-13: 978-0954970178

Lady Anne Blunt's biography comes at the end of a line of famous portraits including that of her grandfather, Lord Byron. She is the first European woman to make a recorded journey into Central Arabia. Her sketches and diaries of her journeys were transformed into books describing the people and experiences she encountered along the way.

A Pilgrimage of Passion - The Life of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt


Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, 1840-1922, was one of England's true eccentrics: a wildly individual, larger-than-life personality who was as admired as he was disliked. A writer, poet, rebel, politician and explorer, his controversial life was in every sense a ‘pilgrimage of passion'. He campaigned tirelessly for the independence of Egypt, India and Ireland (for which he was imprisoned) and, before marrying Byron's granddaughter, he travelled widely as a diplomat embarking on passionate love affairs and upsetting the Establishment – whether the British Empire or conventional morality. George Wyndham, Lord Curzon and Oscar Wilde were just some of the figures who attended Blunt's famous literary Crabbet Club and young Arabists like T.E. Lawrence and St John Philby regarded him as a prophet. During his lifetime, and for many years after, no anthology was complete without his poems. Based on Wilfrid Blunt's complete diaries and papers, Elizabeth Longford has produced a riveting biography of this most compelling man.

Readily available

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London (1979)

ISBN 10: 0297774883 ISBN 13: 9780297774884

Arab Horses and The Crabbet Stud- Spencer Borden

From "The Arab Horse" and "The Crabbet Arabian Stud of 1924", complimenting Spencer Borden's work by information about the Crabbet Stud.

Limited availability


Published by Caballus Publishers., Fort Collins CO. (1973)

Horses of Britain - Lady Wentworth 1924

Britain in Pictures vol 57. Another volume in the popular Britain in Pictures series. 

Readily available

Published by W. Collins (1944)

A fascinating first hand insight into the travels in Arabia of Homer Davenport, the famous cartoonist from New York who developed a love of Arabian Horses and followed in the footsteps of the Blunts to visit the tribes of the Anazeh to find the best mares and stallions for the foundation of his Davenport Desert Arabian Stud in the USA.

Reasonable availability

Published in New York : B.W. Dodge & Company

The Annotated Quest - Homer Davenport and His Wonderful Arabian Horses

The is an Annotated edition of 'My Quest of the Arab Horse' by Homer Daveport published in 1992

This in a very informative and interesting book including many photographs.

Published in 1992

ISBN 0-9634581-0-8

Limited availability

A further updated version is due to be published soon by the Davenport Conservancy

An informative book on the Arab horse, from its anatomy and temperament to the tribes and strains of the purebred Arabian from first hand accounts and expertise at the time, around the turn of the century.

Limited availability

Published by Doubleday, Page & Company, New York (1906)

The Quambi Stud and Pure Bred Arabs of Sir James Penn Boucaut - Peter Clark

A very informative book about Sir James Penn Boucaut 'the Grandfather' of Arabian horse breeding in Australia and his famous Quambi Stud at Mount Barker Springs,  South Australia.

Limited availability

Published by the Arabian Horse Society of Australia 2015

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