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Our film archive brings you some amazing footage of the original Crabbet Arabians bred at Crabbet Park plus other videos showing how loyal and versatile these horses of the Bedouins really are and why they were imported to the UK and all over the world. Other videos will be added to show more recent descendants.

Horse and Hound - Arabian Only 1955

From the British Pathe You Tube channel

More historic footage from the golden age of Arabians in the UK

Arabians at the Kellogg Ranch in 1932

From the British Pathe You Tube Channel

Another insight into days gone by!

Arab Steeds! At the Crabbet Stud in 1922

From the British Pathe You Tube channel

Amazing historical footage of Lady Wentworth at the Crabbet Stud with:


Nasik foaled 1908 (Rijm x Narghileh),

Raseem 1922 (Rasim x Rim) and 

Skowronek 1909 (Ibrahim x Jaskolka)

From the 500v You Tube channel

​ The Loyalty of Arabian Horses (Desert Kings) خيول البدو

'Arabian Horses, The Secret of the Bedouins of Arabia. 
In this clip you will see how the relationship between the Bedouins and their horses is legendary.'

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