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There are many sources of interesting materials related to The Crabbet and other Arabians. We hope you find these useful.

Werribbe Park, Victoria

The Australian Crabbet Convention will commence on Friday 28th October 2016. Facebook page was designed to keep all comments, ideas from anyone wanting to be involved in the 2016 Australian Crabbet Convention. 

This page is dedicated to preserving the true Arabian horse and its history.

A very informative facebook page of historical information.

Australian Arabian FB Page

A Group for people who appreciate the Classical Arabians who trace to the horses from Crabbet Park UK and the Blunt horses both in the UK and in Egypt.

The first Crabbet Group in the world by several years

UK Facebook page

The Crabbet Organisation aims to promote and support the traditional Old English Arabian descended from the great early breeding programmes in the UK. 

Australian Facebook page

Crabbet Arabian World was started originally in Australia, for the promotion of Crabbet horses in all disciplines worldwide. 

USA Facebook page

Home of the Crabbet Arabian Horse online and worldwide!

Eastern USA Facebook page

The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society was organized for the preservation and appreciation of Arabian Horses tracing in lineage to the foundation horses of the Crabbet Arabian Stud of England and the Sheyk Obeyd Stud of Egypt. 

This group is open to all people that are interested in Pure Crabbet arabians.

This group was created to have a friendly atmosphere where people that love and admire that pure Crabbet arabian and Crabbet related Arabian can share their horses, knowledge, talents and perhaps share resources. This way we all can continue to promote the pure Crabbet Arabian and Crabbet Arabian bloodlines. 

For events in New South Wales, Australia

Olford Arabians_the home of 100% Crabbet Arabians in South Africa

The Olford Stud is the only stud breeding 100% Crabbet Arabians in South Africa.

Olford is also the oldest Arab stud in South Africa having been founded by Betty Arnold in 1948.

Australian Facebook page

Stallions at stud, horses for sale and other interesting pure Crabbet news.

Australian magazine facebook page

The official Australian Arabian horse industry magazine keeping you up to date with all things Arabian - the latest news, events and so much more.

Victoria, Australia

This page has been set up as a one stop page for all info on up coming shows, events & clinics in Victoria for the Arabian horse owner.

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