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The Fifth Crabbet Park Sale

17th July 1889 at 2pm

The fifth of fifiteen sales to be held at Crabbet Park by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt

This fifth 'Special Sale' at Crabbet could just as easily have been described as the Kars Progeny Sale as 7 of the 9 mares listed in this sale were his daughters. It was denoted Special at it was held the year following the fourth sale instead of two years after. As it happens, the next sale wasn't held for another four years in 1893.

As the report from the Pall mall Gazette of the 16th July described:

There is to be a sale of about a dozen of Mr. Blunt's surplus stock, together with about as many more belonging to other owners, on Wednesday, "when," as an obliging official at Three Bridges told me as I whiled away the twenty minutes or so difference between the official and the real starting time of my train, " there will be a lot of people stopping at this station, and fast trains which do not otherwise stop will put down passengers for Crabbet Park." A large company will have luncheon, listen to much speechifying in praise of Arab steeds, see Messrs Tattersall sell the horses, and attend the garden party which is to be held afterwards.

The Pall Mall Gazette reporter carried out an interview with Wilfrid Blunt the day prior to this sale. Entitled 'About Arab Horses', it is fascinating and so we have published it here.

Page 1.jpg

From the Sussex Agricultural Express - Saturday 13 July 1889

THE CRABBET ARABIAN STUD.—It has for some time past, been the custom of Mr. Wilfrid Blunt, of Crabbet Park. Worth, to hold once in two years, sale of selections from his stud of pure bred Arabian horses. The sales have usually taken place just before Goodwood, and Mr. and Lady Anne Blunt have entertained, these occasions, large and fashionable company of ladies and gentlemen interested in the beautiful “ coursers of the desert.” This year, as will be seen advertisement elsewhere, special sale takes place at Crabbet on Wednesday next, July 17th, when Mr. Edmund Tattersall will offer 25 lots for competition.

The fifth Crabbet Park Sale brochure

Courtesy of Rosemary Archer

CRabbet Stud horse sale of 1889-1

The following horses were listed at the Special Sale at Crabbet Park:

We have obtained the sale values from the stud books and this is our best assessment of the actual sale prices paid. 

Note: A further dozen or so horses were presented at the sale from other breeders including Rev. F.F. Vidal,

the Hon. Miss Dillon, Mr H.C Stephens M.P and J. D. Rees.

Rose of Jerico.jpg

Rose of Jericho 1883 (Kars x Rodania)

Picture from Crabbet Archives

The book entitled "The Quambi Stud and the Pure Bred Arabs of Sir James Penn Boucaut' by Richard R. Clarke contains the following dedication to Rose of Jericho: 

"Dedicated to the lovely mare Rose of Jericho who travelled so far and through fate or circumstance whose progeny left no line on Australian soil to represent her blood today"

Rose of Jericho had been served by Azrek prior to exportation but sadly proved not to be in foal (this was the 3rd time she had been barren to Azrek). She had three foals at Crabbet, the Colt Ramadan by Rataplan (sold at this sale), The filly Rose of Dawn also by Rataplan  (sold at the 7th sale) and Rose Diamond by Azrek who was sold at the 15th and last sale of the Blunts in 1903.

Shelfa pedigree page header_edited.jpg

The Crabbet stud book page header for Shelfa, 'illuminated' by Lady Anne Blunt

Hagar and harik 1884sml.jpg

Hagar with her foal Harik in 1884

Picture from Crabbet Archives

Siraz and Shieha web.jpg

Shiraz with her foal Shieha

Picture from Crabbet Archives

Shiraz only had two foals at Crabbet, Shedad, a bay colt by Rataplan who died at 5 months old from a virus and Shieha pictured here, by Azrek.

Shieha was sold at the the 7th sale.

Bustard web.jpg

Bustard 1884 (Kars x Basilisk)

Picture from Crabbet Archives

Bustard was sold in foal to Azrek and "was the only mare we sold in foal" (Lady Anne).

She foaled a colt in 1890 who didn't fare well and was sold at 3 years of age.

IMG_6421 (1).jpg

Ramadan 1887 (Rataplan x Rose of Jericho) pictured in 1889

Picture from Crabbet Archives


Ashgar was sold to Lieutenant Cecil Taylor in September 1890

for exportation to Gibraltar 

Picture from Crabbet Archives

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