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The Third Crabbet Park Sale

24th July 1886 at 2pm

The third of fifiteen sales to be held at Crabbet Park by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt

The third sale held at Crabbet Park in 1886 was significant in that one of the studs most important founding mares was sold. Whilst four of the first five founding mares of the stud were listed at this sale the only one that was sold was Dajania, the first mare listed in the sale catalogue and the first horse purchased by the Blunts on 25th December 1877. She had been listed in the sale of 1882 but the Blunts had no intention of selling her. This time she was sold and for only 72 gns*.   

Dajania, one of the first six horses to arrive at Crabbet Park on 2nd July 1878, has since become a very significant mare, with many descendants to this current day.  Although she only bred a single purebred filly at Crabbet, she created a dynasty known as the ‘N’ line through her daughter, Nefisa by Hadban. Nefisa produced many very important horses for Crabbet and her descendants continue to this day. Lady Anne called Nefisa a “perfect brood mare”.  


Dajania was sold to the Turkish Ambassador at this sale and the Blunts later tried, unsuccessfully, to buy her back after he found her difficult to ride.


Wilfrid Blunt was to later note:

“We lost the mare which seeing the beauty of her daughter by Hadban was to be regretted”

The third Crabbet Park Sale brochure

Courtesy of Rosemary Archer

The following horses were listed at the third Crabbet Park Sale:

We have obtained the sale values from marked up copies of the sale catalogue and the stud books and this is our best assessment of the actual sale prices. 

Note: A further 4 young part breeds were listed, all sired by Kars, together with 7 horses from other owners amongst which was the famous racehorse Kismet who created much interest (see article from 'The Tablet' 31st July 1886)

*There is conflicting information for this sale between the newspaper reports and various published books that state Dajania as variously being sold for 100gns or 120gns. We have researched two original Crabbet Stud books and they both state 72gns.

Jeroboam (1882) pictured in 1884 as a 2 year old

Rataplan (1874)

The horses Jeroboam and Rataplan pictured above, were withdrawn from this sale. Tragically they both perished at sea during a storm en-route to Egypt in October 1887. The Blunts had left the arrangements to Captain Laprimaudaye, their agent, whilst they were away in Ireland. Lady Anne commented that the horses were sent on too small a ship given that bad weather was expected at the time of year. Their groom, Webb who accompanied the horses, arrived safely in Egypt.

Dajania (1876) imp. 1878

Sold to H.E Rustem Pasha The Turkish Ambassador for 72gns *

Picture from Crabbet Archives

Hagar (1872) imp. 1878 Wilfrid Blunts journey mare pictured here in 1882

Picture from Crabbet Archives

** Hagar was sold two months later in September 1886 to the Hon. Miss Dillon. Hagar was Wilfrid Blunts journey mare during their expedition of 1877/78. Having been purchased on 4th January 1878 she carried Blunt from Aleppo to Bagdad and through northern Mesopotamia to Damascus. 'She had a gentle temper and was very fast when needed.'

Shirifa (1862) imp. with Wilfrid Blunt and her foal Shemse pictured here in 1883 with daughter Judith Blunt (later Lady Wentworth) looking on.

Picture from Crabbet Archives

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